Bull and Bear Axe Throwing

Indoor Urban Axe Throwing is here and IT IS AXE-tremely fun!


You and your friends will be taught how to throw an axe safely and efficiently by our fully trained axe coaches who will then lead you in several axe throwing games throughout your session.

Perfect for friends, birthday, corporate  & team building events, bachelor/ette parties, and more! 


30 Minute Session $15.99/person

Axe Throwing

30 Minute Sessions are WALK-IN ONLY and based on availability. 

For groups of 1-10 people we offer 30 minute sessions with 2 targets.  You may be paired with other people as this is a public range.  An Axe Coach will be present to give you guidance on how to throw, and help you keep score

1 Hour Private Range $24.99/person


For Groups of 4 or More we offer a private range with 2 Targets. You will have a dedicated Axe Coach that will help you learn how to throw and keep score!

90 Minute Public Range $34.99/person


For groups of 2-10 people we offer a public range with 2 targets.  You may be paired with other people as this is a public range.  An Axe Coach will be present to give you guidance on how to throw, and help you keep score


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2 Locations

Montgomery (Aurora / Oswego / Naperville Area) 

299 Montgomery Road, Montgomery, IL 60538

Bloomingdale (Inside Stratford Square Mall) 

620 Stratford Square, Bloomingdale, IL 60108

Bull & Bear Axe Throwing

299 Montgomery Road, Montgomery, Illinois 60538, United States




By Appointment

Reservations are suggested, walk ins are based on availability. 

Reservations can be made 24 Hours a day by clicking links at top of page

Bull & Bear Axe Throwing Bloomingdale

152 Stratford Square Mall, Bloomingdale, Illinois 60108, United States

Proud member of the World Axe Throwing League



Frequently Asked Questions

What do I wear?

CLOSED TOE SHOES are required.  We also suggest a shirt that allows you full range of motion for your arms.

Can I tip my axe coach?

Tipping is 100% up to you and not required. If you feel your axe coach did a great job you are more then welcome to offer a tip.  Most of our axe coaches are on Venmo and Zelle if you have empty pockets. 

Do I throw as part of a team?

Axe throwing is an individual sport played with and against other members of a group, kind of like Bowling. 

How long does it last?

We offer 30 minute,  1 hour, and 90 minute sessions.

Will you teach me how to do it safely?

Yes! Your session will start with safety instructions and 1-on-1 throwing practice, led by our fully trained coaches in a private throwing area.

What happens during the Private Group event?

Once you’ve sharpened your skills, we’ll kick off a round robin tournament followed by final knockout round to award an axe throwing champion. Our coaches will take care of all scoring and smooth flow of the tournament so you can relax and enjoy the sport.

Do you supply the equipment?

Yes, we supply all materials and equipment including the axes.

When should we arrive?

Please arrive at least 15 minutes early. 
Your session begins promptly at your reservation start time with a brief training. To keep us on schedule and the groups scheduled after you, even if you are late your time will end at the scheduled end time. 

Are you handicap accessible?

Yes, all of our lanes are handicap accessible and you can participate in a wheelchair.  However for safety, you must be able to throw a 2 pound axe over your head with two hands. 

Whats your policy on cancellations and refunds?

Unfortunately there are no refunds.  However we can reschedule for you, as long as you let us know 72 hours before your reservation. 

Can I arrive under the influence or bring alcohol?

We have a zero-tolerance policy for anyone participating under the influence of drugs or alcohol.  You will not be allowed to participate, and you will NOT be refunded. 

What is the best number of people to come with?

Open Throw sessions are intended for individuals, couples and small groups up to 10 people. 
Our Private Group events are ideally played with 6 or more people

What is Axe Throwing?

Axe throwing as an indoor competitive sport has taken off in Canada over the past decade. Similar to darts, axe throwing is an individual sport played with and against other members of a group. Individuals throw 1.5 lb. hatchets at wooden targets marked with a bullseye and score points based on where on the target they stick the axe.

Is it safe?

Safety is our number one priority!  Each competitor throws in his/her own individual lane and competes side-by-side with another competitor.  For each pair of throwing competitors, we have a throwing coach who is responsible for keeping score as well as ensuring safety protocols are adhered. Only the two active competitors throwing at that time are allowed within the throwing area, all other competitors are required to wait in the safety zone behind the lanes.

What are the minimum age requirements?

Bull & Bear Axe Throwing  locations are recommended for ages 13+, as long as you can safety support a 2lb axe over your head with 2 hands.   Under 18 must be accompanied by an adult over the age of 18, and have a signed waiver by a legal guardian. 

Can I really throw an axe?

Yes You Can! It has nothing to do with size or strength. And once you land your first bullseye or kill shot, you’ll be hooked! 

What if I don’t have a group, how can I participate? 

We offer walk-in sessions at various times, for individuals, couples or very small groups. You can also join one of our leagues! You don’t need a group to join a league. 

Do I need experience to join a league?

No experience is required! 

Can we bring our own axe?

Yes you may bring your own axe. As long as it is in good condition and is WATL compliant.

Is there parking? 

FREE Parking is available at all of our locations

Can we take pictures & videos? 

Yes you can most certainly take pictures and videos and in fact we encourage it! We’d also love for you to tag us on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter!